Monday, March 28, 2005

On the disposal of corpses

So Dad managed to dispose of the body quite neatly and as far as we know the priest is wandering the catacombs. Least ways he has disappeared, that is the main thing. Dad won’t tell us what he did with the corpse, but I think he probably took it to the hospital where he works and slipped it in with the cadavers the students use for dissecting.

If you do accidentally murder someone (in self-defence or, you know, whatever) then one way to get rid of them is to dress them in really filthy old clothing and dump them down at the Thames embankment somewhere. I am sure the cops just write them off as either "murder amongst the tramps" or "one less tramp to deal with so who cares." Yet again the stupidity of the police saves the day! (Although I did get tricked with that whole shoelace thing.)

Monday, March 07, 2005

Honey, I'm home

After a bit of a rethink I have relaunched the blog. I keep getting requests for updates on what has happened to me, Josephine and Mata since 2002. Check back for updates.

Meanwhile for more updates there is also this site which is created by some guy calling himself Andrew Riddles. He claims to have chronicled some of the events which happenend the summer that Jo and I met a vampire in Crouch End. Bizarrely he has created some wallpapers of us three